CHS Chorus concert starts finals week on a high note

The CHS chorus students performed their annual holiday concert this past Monday night. The concert began at 7 p.m. and lasted a little more than an hour. The festive performance was a great reminder that Christmas is a little more than a week away!

[Image: Junior Emma Barnes and sophomore Evan Walters have fun preparing for the concert in the tech booth.]

Multiple chorus classes performed Monday, including Etudes, the Red Coat Men’s Chorus, Treble Chorus, Chorale (the top Chorus class) and the Teasley 8th grade Chorus class was able to join in on the fun. Mr. Brad Ellis conducted the high school classes, and Mrs. Emma Martin, who just joined the Teasley family this school year, conducted the 8th grade class.

[Image: Mr. Ellis speaks during the concert.]

The concert began with all the chorus classes combined, including 8th grade. They sang along to Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s famous “Christmas Cannon,” which Alley Jones played on the piano.

[Image: Combined chorus prepares to perform the opening song.]

The Etudes class sang to “Winter Wonderland.” Being a high school class, they were also directed by Mr. Ellis.

[Images: The Etudes class sings “Winter Wonderland.”]

Next, the Teasley Middle School 8th Grade Chorus took the stage with Teasley’s Chorus Director, Mrs. Martin. They sang to “Winter Night,” arranged by Audrey Snyder and Polar Express’ “Believe,” arranged by Teena Chinn. Madeleine Sargent performed her solo in “Believe.”

[Images: TMS’ 8th Grade Chorus class performs and Mrs. Martin conducts the class.]

Soon after 8th grade finished their songs, Cherokee’s Red Coat Men’s Chorus took over the stage, singing the well-known “White Christmas,” where Douglass Mwangi sung his melodic solo, and Mr. Ellis conducted.

[Image: Douglass Mwangi performs his solo in ”White Christmas.”

The Men’s Chorus also sang to “Bar’bry Allen,” and Wyatt Darnell had a solo. Douglass Mwangi conducted the group.

[Images: The Red Coat Men’s Chorus class performs their two songs.]

The Chorale and Etudes class combined to perform the songs “What a Wonderful World” and “Breath of Heaven.” Sarah Liebert sang a solo during “Breath of Heaven.”

To end the night, the Red Coat Men’s Chorus joined the Chorale class to sing Pentatonix’s famous “The Little Drummer Boy,” with Matthew Thomas as the soloist, and “Mary Did You Know?” The last song of the night, “Do You Hear What I Hear?” featured all chorus classes, 8th grade including, for one big finale. They were conducted by both Mr. Ellis and Mrs. Martin.

[Images: Men’s Red Coat and Chorale classes sing to Pentatonix]

[Images: Teasley’s chorus class joins CHS onstage for grand finale.]

MacKenzie Button is a junior at CHS and is in the Chorale class. When she was asked about her favorite songs they performed, she said:

“I really enjoyed ‘Breath of Heaven;’ I think it’s such a pretty piece. I also loved singing ‘Mary Did You Know?’ I love Pentatonix, and to sing one of their songs was so much fun!”

MacKenzie Button, junior

Button has been a 2nd soprano since freshman year, but she was moved to alto her sophomore year. When she was asked about her role in the concert, given that she is a soprano this year, she replied:

“I enjoy singing it (soprano) because we create pretty harmonies and add so much to the song. ‘Breath of Heaven’ was fun and pretty to sing as a soprano.”

MacKenzie Button, junior
[Image: Junior MacKenzie Button photographed during the concert.]

Congratulations on the amazing holiday concert, Chorus Warriors! We hope you have a great Christmas and can’t wait to see what is in store for you next year!


Photo credit: Madison Bowden


  • Winter Wonderland – Clay Warnick
  • Winter Night – Audrey Snyder
  • Believe – Teena Chinn
  • White Christmas – Stephen Rotz
  • Bar’bry Allen – Joshua Shank
  • What a Wonderful World – Mark Brymer
  • Breath of Heaven – Craig Courtney
  • The Little Drummer Boy – Pentatonix
  • Mary Did You Know? – Pentatonix
  • Do You Hear What I Hear – Harry Simeone


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