Right here write now: The Writing Center

The Writing Center is now open and ready to help struggling students reinvent how they write their essays, lab reports and history papers. Improving writing not only boosts grade point averages, but also creates strong habits that will carry throughout high school and college.

National English Honors Society members have been recruited to teach their peers the fundamentals of writing A+ papers. Whether argumentative, persuasive, analysis, or research, critiques and helpful tips will provide the student with an overall better understanding.

Located in room 400 I in the Library, The Writing Center opens before school at eight o’clock, continues throughout all lunch periods, and then again after school. Usually two NEHS members will be available for corrections at all tutoring times, so bring a friend.

The student must come prepared with at least a half-written essay, so the peer reviewer can begin offering suggestions on how to make the paper better and where to go from there. This is a safe place, so it’s important to disclose any concerns or questions before the session is over.

The Media Center has graciously provided a printer, laptops, paper, pencils, colorful pens, and many more helpful school supplies. Illuminated completely by lamps and quiet like the library, the space is ideal for writing.

Members of the National English Honors Society are beyond excited to be apart of the Writing Center, for peer tutoring looks excellent on college resumes, and they receive the rewarding feeling of doing something kind.

Why did you sign up to tutor in The Writing Center?

Stefan Hanson stands in front of The Writing Center, encouraging students to come by [Photo Credit: Samantha Dodd]

One of my many talents would be writing. I thought it would be a great idea to channel my energy into something I love doing while supporting my fellow students.

Stefan Hanson

I have a passion for helping others in any way I can. The Writing Center allows me to enjoy my strength in writing essays and helping others at the same time.

Janet Reyes

This is Cherokee’s first year having a Writing Center, and Ms. Peterson has proudly put it together. From decorating the room to guiding NEHS members on how to thoroughly provide feedback and look over essays, Ms. Peterson has designed a welcoming atmosphere where she encourages many students to come and enjoy.

What is your main goal for the future of The Writing Center?

We want The Writing Center to be a place where students can come and make their writing better. Everyone struggles with writing at different places and different moments, and that can be hard. So we hope to build skills and confidence-then everyone will be better writers and not hate it as much.

Often times students struggle to understand the mechanics of writing and find it difficult to come up with the right words to express an idea. Developing thoughts into fluent sentences may be simple for some, but seemingly impossible for others.

What do you hope students will take away from attending?

I hope that they will understand a little bit more about what makes a good essay, story, or whatever their assignment is, but also take away that they are good writers deep down.

While it’s easy to carelessly complete an essay for a grade, learning the fundamentals of writing may uncover a hidden passion for the subject and will definitely make the processer much quicker and sufficient.

The Warrior Word strongly encourages students to seek help when they are struggling, and do so by attending a session at The Writing Center.

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