The Band of Warriors are back!

Last year, due to an abundance of Covid cases and multiple student quarantines, the Cherokee High School Band of Warriors were not able to perform a proper halftime show at football games or compete in competitions. Now it’s a new year, and the band is back and better than ever!

In 2020 the band was not allowed to move on the field because of social distancing rules. This took away the fascinating effect of 200 students stepping in time while playing powerful music. Overall, the true feeling of marching band was lacking and everyone was disappointed in how the season played out.

The Band of Warriors perform their fall 2020 show on the Tommy Baker Field [Photo Source: Cherokee High School Band Facebook]

A few band members were kind enough to share their thoughts on last year’s show:

Last year’s show wasn’t really a show, it was more of stand on the field and play songs. There was little to no movement, and we didn’t have show music; we had different songs for almost every game.

Hailey Randall, Senior Trumpet

We hardly had a show last year, and substantially less practice.

Jack Barrett, Junior Saxophone

Now it’s 2021, since there has been a decrease in Covid cases the band was given the okay to march and play on the field. They’ve spent over 124 hours of practice to perfect the show titled “What a Wonderful World.”

The Band of Warriors practice drill on the Tommy Baker Field [Photo Source: Cherokee High School Band of Warriors Facebook page]

The show embodies the feeling of wanderlust and contains music from Pure Imagination, Kingfisher Catch Fire, Simple Gifts, New World Symphony, and many more.

The band room is filled with trophies to showcase success. It’s here that band director, Brandon Worley, describes how proud he is about this year’s progress:

We are way ahead of schedule; we’re almost done with two movements of our show and we should be able to finish the whole show by the middle of of September, which is way quicker than years past.

Band Director, Brandon Worley

Many of the returning band members are also very excited to be performing a genuine show:

I feel like this year’s music is very epic, heroic, and that’s what I like so much about it. Even the ballad, the most beautiful and flowing piece of the whole show, has this strong sense of righteousness that makes me feel like I’m standing up for something.

Bradon Velueta, Senior Trumpet

What I like about this year’s show is the bright, emotional outbursts of beautiful music, and the cool drill.

Donovan Cucci, Junior Sousaphone
CHS Marching Band perform their half time show at West Forsyth High School [Photo Source: Garrett Holcombe]

Marching Band is a huge commitment, these kids work incredibly hard to form breathtaking shows for the spectators at football games.

Cherokee is wishing the band the best of luck at their upcoming competitions and performances. Come out to support them at approaching Friday night games.

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