Splash into summer with these e-books

With only one week left until summer the school year is finally winding down, ease into the break with some fascinating summer reads. Click the button for a direct link to Cherokee High School’s Sora account to access free e-books.

Pup Flanagan is an introvert, used to going about his life unnoticed. From his grades to his love life, Pup cant seem to do anything above average. Patrick, Pup’s older brother, always made him feel important, like he could do more with his life, but then Patrick died. Pup’s family won’t talk about the accident and his friends can only say, “I’m sorry for your loss.” One day, Pup surprisingly excels in a photography assignment that then opens up a new world of hope and a way out of grief.

–Until he meets someone– someone with a secret he could never have imagined.

In Maureen Johnson’s bestselling murder mystery book, Stevie Bell begins her first year at famous private school in Vermont, Ellingham Academy. Stevie vows to solve the mystery of the schools founder, Albert Ellingham’s, missing wife and daughter.

Bao Nguyen is stable and sturdy, not particularly interesting or above average, but can hold his own at his parents pho restaurant. However, Linh Mai is a firecracker ready to burst any minute. She dreams of pursuing a career in art, but her parents want her to work full time at their pho restaurant. Linh and Bao believe that the feud going on between their families stems further than just competing pho restaurants. While Linh and Bao have avoided each other for years prior, a fate incident brings them closer together, and they find out they are more alike than they thought.

Xiomara Batista is a young girl growing up in Harlem that uses her writing to express her thoughts, feelings, and frustrations. Afraid her mother will disapprove because of their religion, Xiomara decides to keep slam poetry club a secret. However, Xiomara refuses to let the world silence her voice.

Lulu and Alex have been going on the yearly school trip since Freshman year when they were sworn enemies. Each year the pair becomes closer and closer but the relationship can never seem to fall into place. After being on and off again for the past four years Lulu discovers their undeniable connection cannot be ignored.

14-year-old Sofia lost her mother eight months ago. Her once supportive friends urge Sophia to return to normal, but she finds it difficult to bounce back. When Sophia writes to a “Dear Kate” magazine advice columnist she doesn’t expect to become close friends with the writer. The two soon exchange emails and become close friends, giving Sophia an outlet to vent, until a huge secret turns her world upside down.

Josh and Jordan Bell are sons to professional basketball player, Chuck Bell. The readers dive into Chuck’s childhood memories, and how he became a role model to his sons. After being sent to stay with his grandparents Charlie begins to discover his families past and the sport that would later shape his career.

In this science fiction novel, Charlie Gorden has an an unusually low intelligence level, one day he is chosen to take part in an experimental surgery designed to higher his IQ. The only other participant of the surgery is a mouse named Algernon. What Charlie did not expect was for the surgery to be a success, all most too successful. Charlie’s intelligence grows until it surpasses everyone, including the scientists who designed it. This is an incredible scientific break through, until Algernon suddenly deteriorates.

The 2020-2021 school year is a year we will never forget. We have surpassed so many complicated milestones, so now its time to bring it to a close with some relaxing and interesting summer reads. Visit the Cherokee High School Sora website for many more e-books explore.

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