Staff Spotlight: Bobby Wiggins

Mr. Bobby Wiggins is a tenth grade world history teacher as well as an eleventh grade U.S. history teacher. He works hard every day not just to get his paycheck but to teach Cherokee High School students about the history of the world and the accomplishments of our great nation. He is always working hard to teach us students the most that he can, but one of his outstanding abilities to connect with students is the way he makes the class more enjoyable with his witty humor about the lessons making the content it easier to understand.

Mr. Bobby Wiggins posing for the camera showing his patriotism as well as his love for boys lacrosse

1.In addition to teaching, have you coached or lead any sports or clubs at Cherokee? If so, which.

Boys Lacrosse

2.Where did you attend college? What degrees do you have? 

Auburn University, Bachelors degree in Social Science Education

3.What advice would you give students?

Put their phones away and engage in the material the teacher presents in each class. Being distracted will not help them in the long run. Another would be to read and write as much as possible. History remembers those who write.

4.What is one thing you wish you knew coming into teaching?

Patience is the key. You have to play the long game.

5.Why did you start teaching?

I held the billet as an instructor in the United States Marine Corps. I really enjoyed teaching and mentoring young Marines. I thought the logical option for a civilian job would be to become a teacher and I have naturally always gravitated toward history.

6.Do you think you learn as much from the students as they learn from you?

Yes, without a shadow of a doubt.

7.What is one thing you think Cherokee could improve on or either one thing we do well?

Cherokee High School is only as good as the people present within the building, that means the students, teachers, and administrators. We all have room for improvements, I myself believe that I can create a better learning environment and better lesson plans for the future. Allowing students to absorb better understandings of complex historical occurrences, is one way I can make this institution better.

Student quotes

Mr. Wiggins is a wonderful teacher to have for social studies. He explains world history in a way I can understand and at pace we all need.

Samantha Dodd

Clearly Mr. Wiggins is trying to make the school a better place and making the students better people by doing the most that he can. Thankyou Mr. Wiggins for doing the most that you can to teach us every day.

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