Better your life with these helpful facts

Cherokee High School’s Twitter posted a mini quiz asking which condiment is best for your health. Find the answer down below and other useful facts to know that will better your life.

Mustard is really good for you.

Unlike other condiments, not only does mustard have almost no calories, but it is also beneficial. Mustard contains many beneficial plant compounds like antioxidants, which can help prevent heart disease.

Chewing Asprin

Aspirin is used commonly amongst heart attack survivors to lower the chance of having another. Chewing Aspin will increase the reaction time faster than swallowing it.

Rubber band and paint

Place a rubber band around an open can of paint. By wiping the paint brush on the rubber band, any excess paint will fall back into the can and not on the sides.

Put ice-cream in your empty jars of Nutella.

Trying to scrape the empty jar of Nutella never goes well. Hands get messy, there is never enough to save but too much to throw away so, put ice-cream in the jar to have a sundae like treat.

An arrow points to the side the tank is on.

This seems obvious, but most only know if someone else pointed it out to them. On the gas gauge, an arrow points to the side of the car the tank is on. This can be helpful when stopping for gas in a new or rental vehicle.

Giving bread to a duck is dangerous.

When bread goes uneaten it can become moldy. If a duck ingests moldy bread it can become very sick. With the particular ingredients and preservatives in bread, bread can be unhealthy for most birds.

Honey will never spoil.

Of course if you leave it out in hot environments for too long it will go bad. However, as long as honey is sealed to keep out water or other particles, it will never go bad. This does not apply to diluted honey.

The bottom drawer of the over keeps food warm.

Contrary to popular belief, the bottom rack on the over isn’t for storing pans. It’s actually to keep food warm when cooking multiple dishes. Good to know for the next time you help with Thanksgiving.

Arby’s has crinkle fries.

If you enjoy Arby’s well known curly fries, Arby’s is now offering crinkle fries for just $1. That’s right. We called to confirm.

Caffeine withdraw is classified a mental disorder.

If you’re finding it difficult to quit drinking coffee because you feel sluggish and anxious with out it, it may be because of Caffeine withdraw. This is a recognized disorder by the American Psychology Association.

Do not put your hands in your pockets while going down the stairs.

If you were to trip and fall you may not be able to pull your hands out of your pockets in time, you would not be able to stop your fall or protect your head.

CHS hopes you enjoy the fun facts and consider taking some of these tips into your everyday life.

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