Anime review: A Silent Voice

A Silent Voice is an anime movie written by Yoshitoki Oima and directed by Naoko Yamada. The movie was released on the 17th of January 2016. The movie is currently rated on IMDB as an 8.1 stars out of 10, and it is a 94% on the Tomatometer.

A Silent Voice is a powerful soul-moving movie that looks at teen bullying and its effects on the people that are victims of bullying. Through all of the pain and suffering, the characters learn how to form true friendships and become better people. The path of redemption and rebirth of the characters is fully expressed in this movie. The arc and plot of this story can turn on a dime and leave you with your mouth wide open and you just can’t wait for more.

The plot (spoilers ahead)

As hearing-impaired elementary student Shouko Nishimiya transfers to a new school, she is met by unrelenting teasing by the other students. The main teasing comes from Shouya Ishida. The class forces all of the blame onto Shouya even thought they had taken part in the teasing forcing Shouya to become a social outcast.

The story continues on a redemption arc for Shouya in which he meets Shouko later in life and he attempts to redeem himself by becoming her friend. The two embark on many adventures meeting new people and making many friends.

The plot deepens as Shouya develops feelings for Shouko after trying to redeem himself for teasing her. Although the characters clearly have romantic feelings for each other, the movie never sees them come together as a couple, but we can see that they definitely have a romantic future ahead of them.

The movie covers teen suicide and how it affect the people around the person that attempts to commits suicide. After a character attempts to commit suicide, but ends up hurting someone else instead, from the experience they both grow as people and get closer as friends.

The Verdict

Although the movie contains many emotional scenes, which will leave most people with tears in their eyes, it is a must-watch for anyone who loves sad and romantic movies.


“I think the key to this film, and to the characters of Shoko (Saori Hayami), Shoya (Miyu Irino / Mayu Matsuoka [kid]), Ueno (Yuki Kaneko), and the other friends from elementary who end up in the same group later, is self-loathing in its various forms. Shoko is different, because hers stems from the trouble she feels she causes everyone, which objectively is true but of course what she (and her tormenters) see as “trouble” we see as a lack of basic human decency on the part of the bullies. Shoya and co.’s self-loathing stems from their guilt at bullying Shoko, and it manifests in different forms: major guilt complex (Shoya), self-righteous denial (Ueno), rationalization (Kawai [Megumi Han]), cowardice (Sahara [Yui Ishikawa]), etc” said review critic, CJ Sheu.

After watching this movie, many viewers will want to tell everyone they know to watch the movie, and then discuss how great the movie is and how well all of the characters were portrayed.


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