CCSD wears yellow to honor former student

Ms. Spell, Ms. Grubbs, Dr. Kirby, and Ms. Dale wear yellow in honor of Ellie’s Day

”By wearing yellow, we will celebrate making responsible decisions decisions based upon kindness, love, and friendship.”

Cherokee High School Facebook Post

Ellie, a former CCSD student, passed away February 6 at only eight years old after a battle with autoimmune diseases. As the community grieved in the tragic loss of a beloved student, her parents were surprised to find a list their daughter left in her room–a list promoting love and kindness. CCSD honors Ellie and this legacy October 20 by celebrating her advice and wearing yellow, the color of friendship.

The list included rules such as, ”No fighting, have fun, and always love.”
Elllie’s parents shared the rules Ellie left. Our community embraced her words and designated today as a day for everyone to recognize and reflect on them.

Businesses in Cherokee County, including Bruster’s and Chick-Fil-A, have displayed Ellie’s rules. This further inspired CCSD to take action.

CCSD celebrated a day of wearing yellow in which students and staff dressed accordingly to honor Ellie’s legacy.

Freshmen, Zoey Parrott dressed in yellow for Ellie’s Day
Freshman, Makenzie Byrd, wore yellow today in honor of Ellie’s Day.
Sophmore, Samantha Dodd, wearing yellow in honor of Ellie’s Day.
Mr. Jones looking bright on yellow!

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