Halloween traditions you may have not known existed

Halloween brings out the creative side in many of us each year. From craving pumpkins to dressing up, we have several traditions to celebrate. However, did you know there are other Halloween activities you can try. In fact, there are Halloween traditions from other countries all around the world.

Photo credit to womansday.com

Scottish and Irish Halloween foods

Ireland and Scotland’s Halloween tradition features a unique food called barmbrack. Barmbrack is a type of fruitcake. However, this Irish fruitcake isn’t like any other fruitcake.

Image credit to thelastfoodblog

The cake has coins, cloth or rags, and rings inside of it for fortunetelling purposes. The rings are symbolic of marriage. The coins wish you luck in the new year. and, the cloth and rags symbolize bad luck or being poor. Consider this bread the trick or treat of culinary arts.

Halloween parades in Japan

In Kawasaki, just outside Tokyo, A Halloween parade is held every year. This parade is a joy for many people living in Kawasaki. It has been around for 21 years. It gathers quite a crowd with a reported nearly 4000 attending. It will be interesting to see whether or not this parade will be held this year in light of Covid-19.

Photo Credit to (Yuya Shino/Reuters)

Trick or Treating with souls in Austria

In Austria, many people celebrate by leaving bread, water, and a lit lamp on their tables before going to bed on Halloween. This is done, because some people in Austria believe dead souls come back to earth on the night of Halloween. The lamps, bread, and water are to welcome the spirits.

Image credit to Collinsflags

Hide your knives in Germany!

Germany has a rather odd approach to Halloween. On the night of Halloween each year, several German people put their knives away. This is done to prevent harm to or from returning sprites.

Pangangaluluwa or Treat!

The Philippines has a unique approach to Halloween as well. They celebrate
Pangangaluluwa. This is a tradition where children go door to door, typically in costumes, singing and asking for prayers.

Image credit to primer.com

Whether you carve pumpkins or hide your knives on Halloween, there are several fun Halloween activities to try inspired by our international neighbors.

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