Self-care is key and getting to know the CHS Social-Emotional Task Force

Self-care is important. It is how we humans keep ourselves going strong mentally and physically. Self-care is defined as any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health. 

For example, washing your hair is a form of self-care. Some may think well washing your hair is easy. That is incorrect. Many people struggle with basic tasks for several reasons others may take for granted such as managing Depression, feeling overwhelmed, or physical limitations. More awareness and tips for this need to be brought to society’s attention. 

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 A good way to help improve your self- care is to make a list. The list should include everything self- care wise you need to do that day. As you go, you should check off everything on the list you do. It may sound trivial, but it’s the importance cannot be underestimated. Making lists can help with task organization, breaking overwhelming days into manageable tasks, and provide a point of motivation.

Tackling A To-Do List
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Another helpful tip is talking to someone about your problems. A trusted adult or a close friend may be able to help you work through any self-care problems you may be having.  

Make sure you take time for yourself. It’s important to not constantly overflow your schedule with every moment not devoted to school or extracurriculars. Relax at home for a day and do what you love.

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Finally, the reason awareness needs to spread is because several people have struggles with meeting their basic needs, which in turn make take a toll on personal health, and keeping silent about any mental or emotional health issues is not a solution. A person might not even know they have solutions to challenge with self-care.

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Get to know the CHS Task Force

One of the ways the school intends to promote social, emotional, and mental health this year is through a new CHS Task Force. The goal of the task force is to implement a self-care initiative for the staff and engage students in a new homeroom course teaching self-care skills to students.

GradeSelf-AwarenessSelf-ManagementSocial AwarenessRelationship SkillsResponsible Decision Making
9th & 10th GradeEmotional Triggers
Learning Styles
Service Learning
Core Values
Support Systems
Conflict Resolution
Decision Making
11th & 12th GradePerspective
Servant Leadership
Goal Setting
Conflict Resolution

Problem- Solving
This is a chart of skills students will learn.

I asked Ms. Tuck some questions about the Task Force

What is the goal in this added support for students?

“The goal is to make students feel empowered, establish and maintain positive relationships with their teachers, to feel like they have a safe place on campus, and a safe adult to talk to if they need to.”

Ms. Tuck, Counselor at CHS

How can students get help for things like self- care?

They can see their counselor, their homeroom teacher whom is the one that is delivering these lessons on different self management skills, and they can check out the Cherokee high school counselor’s website, Twitter, and Facebook page for resources as well.”

Ms. Tuck, Counselor at CHS

It’s so important everyone takes care of their basic needs. Additionally, be mindful of promoting self-care among friends including being encouraging and concerned for each others well being. However, don’t forget to care for yourself too!

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