Behind the Mask: Cherokee High Schools very own paintball champion

Cherokee High School freshman, Patrick Crowley, plays competitive paintball for Nitro Army, and strongly encourages those interested to participate.

Though many have never considered paintball to be a competitive, sponsored sport, Patrick and his teammates have and a sponsored team and have competed in many tournaments including the National X-ball League championship. To participate in the World Cup competition, vigorous training and practice is required for at least a year.

A quick rundown on paintball for beginners.

 A match is where you score points. Matches are timed. In the tournament that I played in early this month, I had a five minute timer and the timer stops when a point is scored. Points can also be scored by hitting a buzzer on the start box.

Patrick Crowley
Nitro Army division 4 photograph during a tournament. [Photo source: Contributed by Patrick Crowley]

Being involved in sports and extra curriculars around a student’s community is considered an integral part of the high school experience. This sport is regarded as a great way to boost adrenaline and make new friends.

Paintball is an exciting way to get exercise due to the abundance of running, sprinting and jumping to get the heart rate up.

Paintball is also a way to learn team work and strategy skills by working closely with a team carrying out a game plan. Success comes by working cohesively together. These factors will likely translate well into a future career involving strategy and teamwork.

How can I get involved?

If you would like to get involved you can also go to Nitro Army’s website to learn more about their team and how to enroll.

If you don’t have money to afford paintball gear most fields have rental equipment which is affordable and will get you ready to play.

Patrick Crowley
Nitro army represents their team by posing for a picture [Photo source: ]

What do you enjoy about paintball?

The thing that I enjoy about paintball is the community. Like if you’re new to the community, the majority of players will help you understand the activity.

Patrick Crowley

Paintball is a sport that defiantly deserves a spotlight due to all of its physical and social advantages. Providing young men and woman with useful advantages that will help shape their growth.

Not to mention how good it feels to win a medal alongside your teammates, friends, and coaches.

We appreciate Patrick for introducing a competitive sport few knew existed, and congratulations for being champions within the sport.

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