Student of the Week: Freshman: Katy Williams receives prestigious Tome award

Katy Williams is a freshman at CHS and recently won 2nd place in the recent state Tome Student Literacy Society competition in the Fan Fiction category for her prequel on Grenade by NY Times bestselling author, Alan Gratz. Grenade is a historical fiction and her prequel included history from the era.  

Katy was nominated for student of the week by media specialist, Ms. Bonner, who helps lead the Tome Society at Cherokee High School.

Grenade: Gratz, Alan: 9781338245691: Books
Williams won 2nd place for her prequel to Gratz’s novel, Grenade.

“Katy is an enthusiastic and opinionated reader. I always enjoy hearing what she likes and dislikes in the books she reads.  Katy likes to challenge herself to read as many of the Tome IT list books as she can.  Even though she’s a freshman, Katy has been in Tome Book Club for several years.  She participated at Teasley. She enjoys competition and has many ideas for how we can improve participation in Tome at CHS.  I am so proud of her!”

Unfortunately for Katy and the other competitors, TomeCon, the March Tome Society conference where she was to be awarded, was cancelled due to the Coronavirus. It was previously scheduled for March 24 of this year. Katy received her reward online.

We asked Katy a few questions to get to know her better:

What inspired you to join the Tome Book Society?

 “I have been doing CCSD Reading Bowl since elementary school, and when I was in middle school Tome was introduced to the county to be “a better reading.”

What all are you involved in at CHS?

“I am involved in reading bowl, marching band, theater and concert band.”

What are your plans after high school?

I plan to go to college. I’m going to try to get into Auburn, since most of my family went there. I want to learn more about writing.”

What is an interesting fact about you?

“Teachers have to put max word count limits on papers because I tend to write too much. I once wrote an essay that was 2,600 words for homework and the teacher made me edit it down to 700 words because it was too long!

Congrats and great job on all of your outstanding accomplishments! You make this school incredibly proud! Never stop reading, and never stop writing.

More about the Tome Student Literacy Society

Do you love making fan art about books or making a book commercial? There are lots of cool ways to participate in Tome.  You don’t have to read all the books or participate in a traditional reading bowl to participate! Also, anyone in the school can get involved even if they don’t have time to be in the Reading Bowl Club.

We’d like to showcase what the Tome Student Society is all about in another article, but just to cover the highlights.

  • Recommended book list can be found here

About the Tome Society

About the Various Competitions Available

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