Staff Shoutout: Coach Law

We love taking the time to share a little more about our amazing teachers at CHS.

Coach Law has been one of my golf coaches for the past two years; he also coaches football and teaches Geometry and Algebra 2. Coach Law is a very positive and supportive person. He truly knows how to bring energy into a room. Within the past two years of having him as a coach, I’ve learned how much he wants to make sure his players and students know that he is there for them. He does no less in his role as a teacher.

While I am in isolation, I decided to email Coach Law so people around Cherokee can know a little about him and why he got into teaching.

More About Coach Law

What all do you teach?

This year I am co-teaching 3 Geometry classes and 2 Algebra 2 classes.

What brought you to Cherokee?

“I taught at Teasley Middle School for three years and was given the opportunity to come to Cherokee by Coach Shaw, Mr. Miller and Mr. Adams.”

Where (if any) have you taught (or coached) before?

“I taught at Sequoyah High School for one week and then was transferred, by the county, to Teasley Middle School, where I taught for seven years.  This is my 3rd year teaching at CHS.  I coached football at Sequoyah for six years and have coached at CHS for four.”

Where did you attend college? Do you have any favorite memories.

“I went to Kennesaw State and graduated in 1999 with a Marketing degree.  Then, when I wanted to start teaching in 2010, I had to go back to school.  I went to Valdosta State for my Master’s Degree and then Lincoln Memorial University for my Specialist Degree.  I worked while at all three schools, so the only favorite memories I have are when I completed the programs.”

What advice would you give athletes? Students?

 “I would say the best piece of advice I could give to students and athletes is twofold:

a)      Do ALL you can to help OTHERS in your life.  You will never experience as much joy and satisfaction in life, if you spend all your energy helping others.  Everything in this world tells you to “worry about you.” However, I have an unlimited amount of examples where I can attest to the fact that “worrying about me” leads to misery, yet “worrying” or helping others leads to an indescribable feeling of joy and fulfillment.   

b)      Be THE Best You Can Be in whatever you are doing.  Don’t fall into the “danger of comparison.”  Don’t compare yourself to other people.  You weren’t made to be like them.  You were made to be AWESOME while being who God created you to be.  Your biggest “opponent” in life is YOU.  It’s not the person you sit next to, or the person you work with, or the person you are competing against.  Don’t worry about “them.”  You be the best YOU can be.  You are special and you are enough.”

Why did you go into teaching? 

“I was in the banking and finance industry for 13 years, and felt a calling to start investing in the younger generations.  Therefore, I sought out the steps necessary to become a teacher.  I was blessed and humbled to get that opportunity in the spring of 2010 by Mr. Eliot Berman and Mr. Todd Miller, at Sequoyah High School.”

What is one thing you wish you knew coming into teaching? 

“I can’t really think of anything other than I had NO idea how emotionally draining it can be at times.  The things some of our students go through just tears your heart to pieces, but it just makes you love the students that much more.”

Coach Law with his two daughters.

Favorite Food/ Random fact about you

“Favorite Food is BBQ and a random fact about myself is I had the opportunity to once record a song in Nashville at the Sound Kitchen where artists like Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Carrie Underwood, and a host of other famous artists have recorded at some point in their career.”

Thank you, Coach Law, for spreading such joy and energy into the classrooms and with our players.

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