Warrior of the week: Senior: Adam Palmer

Adam Palmer is a senior at Cherokee High School known for his friendly attitude towards everyone he meets. He is a valuable member of the Speech and Debate team here at CHS and was nominated by Speech and Debate coach, Ms. Wills.

Adam Palmer

“Adam Palmer has been on the Cherokee Speech and Debate Team for all four years of his high school experience. Because of his dedication to this challenging activity, Adam has seen tremendous growth, and his accomplishments deserve recognition. It has been an honor to coach such an amazing individual who I know will go on to do great things,” said Ms. Wills.

Ms. Wills

About: Adam Palmer

What is an interesting fact about you?

“I plan to major in Video Game Development at KSU.”

What do you like most about Cherokee High School?

“Mr. (Justin) Jones.”

What are your future plans after high school?

“To attend Kennesaw State University for 4 years.”

What is your favorite subject?

“Literature, I feel that the literature teachers here are great at making the honors/ap feel welcoming and still pose challenge.”

What are you involved in at CHS?

“Speech and Debate.”

The best piece of advice you have to give or were given?

“Know your goals, if your goal isn’t Ivy or other highly selective colleges don’t put on pressure for a class rank, put it on the work you need to do to reach your goal.”

Good job this Speech and Debate season, Adam, and we wish you the best of luck at KSU. Your school is incredible proud of you!

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