Cherokee says adiós to Sra. Connolly

With saddened hearts, Cherokee High School staff and students wished Sra. Connolly, Spanish teacher, the very best as she welcomed retirement last Friday. She taught Spanish 1 this year on the CHS North campus. This year was her 30th year with CHS.

Ms. Connolly was asked a series of questions about how she got to CHS and more.

We are so sad you are leaving! In all your time at CHS, what have you taught (or in all of your teaching career if some time has been elsewhere)?

I have taught at CHS since I graduated from the University of Michigan. I have taught Spanish all 30 years, but also started the first on- site ESOL 

What brought you to Cherokee?

“I hate snow!”

Why did you go into teaching?

Tough question! Teaching is almost a calling. Once it hits you, you will do anything to be a teacher. I went into teaching to teach Spanish language.

What advice would you give your students?

The only regrets I have are the chances I didn’t take (and there are not many). Try out for the play or the team, apply to the college that you might

What’s one think you wish you knew coming into teaching?

I wish I had known that teaching is that hardest job that you will ever love..and it is never done!

Favorite food / random fact about you?

I took 2 semesters of Chinese..and learned a lot about struggling in a Foreign Language Class.

Selena Edwards is in Sra. Connolly’s 1st period Spanish 2 class. Reflecting on her memories in her class, she said:

I thought she’d be like any other [teacher] but boy was I wrong. She invited us in with open arms and was quickly one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. Allowing us to grow as students and ourselves, I made a new friend who I call “Maddie” and I have more confidence. [Sra. Connolly] was the best and I will miss her.

Thank you for all your time towards our students and staff at Cherokee High School, Sra. Connolly! You will be greatly missed, and the Warrior Nation wishes you the best for what’s to come!

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