Super bowl Sunday

The super bowl is set between the Kansas City Chiefs and Francisco 49ers. As both teams prepare for the contest at the stadium in a couple of weeks, fans are also getting ready to watch the biggest game of the year. So with that being said,

Are you throwing a super bowl party?

I hope the answer to that question is, yes. If you’re still on the verge, chances are your party won’t be as great as it should be. Some of the staples are running low at local party and grocery stores. The essential element of any super bowl party is food, so start getting your food and supplies no later than Saturday morning before everything runs out of stock.

Check out this Pinterest board for party and food ideas:

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The teams

This is the first time in super bowl history these two teams have met. This is also the first super bowl appearance of the Chiefs in 50 years, though it’s seventh appearance for the 49ers. Kick off your party with your favorite team gear, and make sure all your friends that come are decked out.

Lets pull back and take a look at each team for a moment. Personally, I believe that every team in the NFL has room to improve. Every team out there in the NFL has weaknesses to their own game, just some may not be visible.

Chiefs Strengths and Weaknesses

In 2018 Chad Henne had the opportunity to start Quarterback. Even though Henne has plenty of experience coming into his 11th season, he actually hasn’t completed a pass in a NFL game since 2014. Henne has passed for 58 TDs in his career but has also thrown 63 interceptions.

Matt McGloin a back up Qarterback for the Chiefs has completed 58% of his career passes while throwing 11 TD’s and 11 INT’s.

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49ers Strengths and Weaknesses

Last year, the 49ers ended their season with a 4-12 finish. Robbie Gould (kicker) has been nothing but automatic for the San Francisco in both of their last two seasons. If he returns for regular season there should be very little to nothing to worry about.

The Niners allowed an average of 24.5 yards per kickoff return last year. Eighth highest in the NFL. And the team ranked 14th overall. Its hard to determine how much the 49ers will cover during this big game considering all the changes year to year.

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Make sure to hang up all the spirit for your team, and then finally sit back and relax, and enjoy the biggest game of the year with your friends and family.

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