Staff Spotlight: Ms. Spell spells it out

The Warrior Word presents the wonderful Ms. Spell, assistant principal at Cherokee High School. She is our next feature in staff shout-outs. Ms. Spell has served in the Cherokee County School District for 15 years. Thirteen years have been with Cherokee High School, and she has filled the role of assistant principal two of those 13 years. Cherokee High School is so lucky to have such a great administrator.

Ms. Spell makes herself available for all student needs at CHS.

Mrs. Spell is such an amazing administer. She wants the best for all of the students (whom she calls her “Warrior Family”), and advocates to see that not only academic needs are met, but personal needs as well. Seen directing traffic in the cold, pouring rain, offering comforting words to students in her office, supporting students during football games, keeping the North building operating smoothly, pouring her heart into the Junior Service League organization to help under-privileged kids in Cherokee County, and working with the Warrior Collective to provide clothing and other needs in the community (on top of administrative tasks), Ms. Spell’s job is never done by the last bell.

We asked some of our administrative team what they love about Ms. Spell.

“Ms. Spell is like everyone’s mama (or crazy aunt). She is there with an ear to listen, a hand to help, and voice to motivate. She has always made CHS feel like home, like we’re all in this together, like you always have your family with you,” said Mr. Ingham.

We asked Ms. Spell a few questions about being an administrator at a school of over 2,500 students.

What all have you taught prior to becoming principal?

“I was a Social Studies teacher. I taught here at Cherokee for 10 years- AP Human Geography, World Geography, Peer Leadership, US History, World History.”

What brought you to Cherokee? Have you taught at other Cherokee County schools?

When I moved back to Georgia from Tennessee, I met Mr. Sebring (the principal at the time) at a CCSD Job Fair. He offered me an interview and I came.”

Being an administrator, especially of a large school, seems very demanding. We know you put in more hours and take on more stress than most other careers. What made you choose this as a career path?

“I decided to go into administration because I wanted to have an impact on the way the entire school runs.”

Where did you attend college? Do you have any favorite memories.

“I attended Furman University for my undergraduate degree where I played Division 1 basketball. I LOVED everything about Furman and made life long friends.”

What advice would you give students? You could also share your favorite quote.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” ~ Maya Angelou

What are one or two things most students don’t know an administrators do? For example, we know you don’t sit in an office all day.

“Administrators are constantly trying to make things better. Whether it is in the classroom or for the lives of students and teachers.”

What is one thing you wish you knew coming into teaching or administration?

“I always wanted to be a teacher, but I had no idea what an impact my students would have on me.”

Favorite Food/ Random fact about you (both would be fun)

“My favorite food is Buffalo’s Hot Wings.”

Let Ms. Spell know how much we appreciate her and how much we love her when you see her in the halls. Thank her for all the effort she puts in making the school look better and for all the support she provides the students and community.

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