Student Spotlight: Martin Garcia

Cherokee High School is full of amazing, caring, and dedicated students that not only show excellence in their academic life, but also respect and care for their community. Then there are students who excel that. They go beyond and bring a unique personality to these halls we take for granted.  We will begin regularly featuring them in student spotlights.

Martin Garcia, a senior at CHS, is our student under the spotlight in this article. While of course he is intelligent, highly dedicated and very hardworking, sometimes staying up past 12 just to finish his work, his charisma and personality is what really makes him deserving of this spotlight.  

Martin Garcia 2019 Prom (Far Left)

His charm and kindliness make him a friend to all. He pushes others to move forward and break past their limits. Not only that, he’s there if you need a shoulder to lean on at any time of the night, since he’s usually up doing work anyways.  

His unique personality stems from his interesting backstory. Growing up secluded in Holly Springs by his protective grandparents was a quick, but difficult adjustment coming from a life of freedom going from one block to another in Mexico.  

As he straightforwardly put it “Adjusting here was quite quick; just don’t do anything that would make Granny mad.”

Band Concert (Far Left)

He’s lived around rules, but that doesn’t seem to have affected him as his spirit brings a hint of mischievousness that you can’t help but feel lighthearted around.  

To put it simply, he’s happy and he’s comfortable with himself. His smile can brighten up anyone’s day and being around him makes you want to try harder. He inspires determination, focus, and confidence. He deserves this student spotlight so we can all strive to be here for our fellow students. To be positive, kind, and determined. 

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