Costumes for a cause

Stick figures, purge characters, bananas oh my. It was a festive Halloween at Cherokee High School, but with each costume brought CHS one step closer to helping those in need.

Costumes for a Cause is an event hosted at Cherokee to collect money for the children in need in Cherokee County.

CHS’s Interact Club, sponsored by Ms. Razz, is the group who hosts this event to raise funds for their Warrior Wishes project. The Warrior Wishes project is an endeavor that works with the students at Hasty in the Cuentos program, which is also a collaborative of KSU to promote literacy.

The children in need are taken shopping at Christmas time, so they can have things they need such as clothes, shoes, etc. The leftover money is given to the children to pick a gift that they really want or have wanted.

CHS hosted a contest for the best costumes during first period. The winners were Mckenzie Chambers who dressed as CHS principal, Mr. Miller. Matheny Rask took second, who dressed as Takko, the character from Adventure Zone. Keilan Gillespie took third place as a bush. Very creative!

Other featured costumes from CHS:

Ms. Razz, is seemingly involved in every event at CHS. She helps lead and promote Costumes for a Cause.

From left to right: Ms. Morrone, Ms. Razz, and Ms. Brown dressed in theme for Day of the Dead.

“It’s for a really great cause, and make sure Cherokee High School knows how much we appreciate their participation.”

Ms. Razz also says:

“We really appreciate all the support over the years for helping to keep Warrior Wishes Project running and for helping to keep our littlest and upcoming Warriors warm!”

On Halloween, nearly $500 was raised at CHS for these children in need. That’s enough to help almost four children get what they need for the winter.

We all appreciate everyone who participated in wearing costumes and helping raise money for these children!

We’ve shared the photos shared by CHS on Facebook below. Enjoy!

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