Cherokee then vs. now: 1973

In a building that is 63 years old, some updates and evolution towards modernization is expected. In diving through old annuals, we have discovered that some parts of CHS’s campus have greatly modernized over the years, but other scenes from certain photographs could be re-created perfectly. Though fashion, hair, textbooks and old chalkboards have gone through transitions, some things never change. We wanted to see what photos we could share with CHS ’73.

In 1973:

  • Richard Nixon was president
  • Gas was priced at .39 cents per gallon
  • Elton John was number one on Billboard top ten
  • The U.S. suspended all activity over Vietnam
  • A stamp was eight cents
  • the Song of the Year was ‘Killing Me Softly With His Song’
Sophomore, Jannet Pineda, poses on the same sign featured with the juniors in 1973.
The totem pole in front of the school today
The breezeway between the auditorium and 100 hall in 1973 looks like it could have been taken today–even with the 70s fashion.
The breeze ways between the old gym lobby and 100 hall on main campus. Not much has changed.

There will be fewer schools around with as rich of history as CHS. As the oldest high school campus in Cherokee County, there is a unique connections students can have with those who have walked these same paths as those our parents’ and grandparents’ age.

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