This is a story all about how the clothing industry got flipped upside down

By Haley Kelley

Will Smith and Fresh Prince fans will rejoice with Smith’s new Fresh Prince-themed clothing line.

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air has been off the air for twenty-three years, but that didn’t stop star of the show, Will Smith, from organizing a clothing line based on the popular sitcom. The line released on October 1st and unfortunately only stayed until October 14, but you can still grab your Halloween merchandise on  

It seems that the clothing line is not temporary, but styles may be. Business and consumer experts may agree that limiting product availability may increase demand and sales from customers wanting to be one of the few sporting a particular item.

Will Smith came to announce this special treat to Smith fans and Bel Air fans alike on October 1, 2019 via social media. This groovy line is now sold out, but again you can still by your Halloween t-shirts and hoodies online or on Amazon.  

On Smith’s Instagram, he said “ I put my thang down, flipped it and reversed it. Then put it on sale. NEW @FRESHPRINCE MERCH!”  

The new line introduced merchandise from the fictional high school that Will and Carlton attended on the show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The line incorporates fun patterns you’d see in the 90s, as well as fun logos such as the physical education school t-shirts.  

The fun line was introduced randomly, but fans of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Will Smith love the line and have responded positively. There is no coincidence why the product’s release was timed shortly after Aladdins premiere and success. The line has women’s, children’s, and men’s clothes as well as unisex clothing. Smith highlighted pieces such as the track suit, reversible jacket, and a wide range of t-shirts.  

The new line has many people excited for what’s to come and many look forward to possible new releases and holiday merchandise.   

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