Brewing for Warriors

National coffee day in the United States was officially September 29 and International Coffee Day followed October 1. Millions of coffee-drinking Americans look out for the best deals on coffee on these holidays. Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts each gave out a free coffee with the purchase of any coffee. For those who missed it, there is an even more convenient opportunity to get a good coffee deal right here on campus in the lobby of the old gym and auditorium.

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The Warrior Grounds

At our very own Cherokee High School, we have our own coffee shop that doesn’t wait for a holiday to provide a great price for a caffeine (or non-caffeinated) fix. The Warrior Grounds is open during mornings and provides a wide selection of drinks.

 The Warrior Grounds, a concept from Ms. Debbie Craig, provides numerous students with excellent opportunities to learn real world skills such as operating a business, customer service, and preparing products. Each cup is specially prepared and served with a smile. Lines can be long, so students should show early for their caffeine fix.

The coffee shop is primarily run by staff and students from our self-contained and Apex classrooms. All students are trained in employable skills in high demand in today’s workplace.

One of the menu boards indicating some of the drinks available for the day.

There are a variety of drinks to choose from. Drinks that contain coffee include:

Frappuccinos ($3.50):

  • Java Chip
  • Mochas
  • Caramel
  • Vanilla
  • Cookies & Cream

Note: The equivalent size at Starbucks is $4.45

Cappuccino ($2.00)

  • Vanilla & Caramel

Hot Chocolate ($2.00)

All drinks include any of the following free toppings: whipped cream, chocolate, and caramel.

The Warrior Grounds also serves other non-coffee products including smoothies (Mango Mania & Strawberry Blast), which are healthy and caffeine-free.

The proceeds from The Warrior Grounds helps buy material needed for the special ed department. “I founded the warrior grounds to help kids who couldn’t help themselves,” said Mrs. Craig. Humidifiers have been one of the recent purchases.

“Special Ed kids work hard for other kids who aren’t as fortunate as other kids financially,” Mrs. Craig stated. Additionally, funds are used to go towards field trips or even a pair of glasses a student needed.

Help contribute to the Warrior family (and save money by avoiding Starbucks), and purchase a drink from The Warrior Grounds.

Fun coffee facts

Coffee has been around for a long time and has had many uses than just being consumed.

  • Before it was discovered the coffee could be a beverage, it was chewed.
  • Coffee has a lot of great benefits for beauty and health. Used coffee grounds are a great scrub for the hands and body. The oil contained within the coffee grounds leaves skin baby soft.
  • Coffee drinkers also tend to be less at risk for developing cancer in their later life likely due to high numbers of anti-oxidants.

More fun facts

  • Of course, coffee doesn’t just come in hot form anymore. Coffee shops around the world have added their very own twist to coffee. Iced coffee a very popular drink among teenagers has the same amount of caffeine that a normal steaming cup of joe would.
  • Finland is the country that consumes most coffee. An average coffee drinker in Finland consumes up to 24 pounds of coffee each year.
  • Brazil also takes their coffee seriously. Brazil is the country that grows the most coffee each year with its perfect weather helping the coffee be richer in flavor.

Even though the coffee holidays have passed, The Warrior Grounds is there for Cherokee High Warriors. Grab a cup today! 


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