Speech and Debate hosts their interest meeting

CHS Speech and Debate Team Coach, Ms. Wills, introduces the team to prospective members.

To promote communication skills: Speech and Debate welcomed new students into their world on Wednesday August 7th. The award-winning team encourages anyone and everyone to try it out saying that “there’s something for everyone.”

At the meeting, they shared what Speech and Debate is all about by not only telling, but showing. Head Coach Wills shares clips from the National Stage to inspire the newcomers.

According to the National Federation of high school associations (NFHS), “Debate is an essential opportunity that should be provided to all students.”

“Students develop skills in research, critical thinking, organization, persuasion and communication. Speech and debate students see tangible benefits from participation while in school – confidence in speaking situations, spontaneity in interviews, improved writing in other courses, diverse perspectives. These skills also benefit the student after high school.”

Last year, the CHS Debate Team experienced tremendous accomplishments including several students (Rylee Holland, Morgan Trischitta, Anne Greer, D’Andre Chambers, and Lauren Taylor) qualifying for nationals in Dallas, TX as covered in a previous article.

If you’re interested in joining the team, it’s not too late! Head to room 218 on the main campus and talk to Ms. Wills for more information.

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