New staff shoutout: Mr. Worely, Assistant Band Director

By Aleya Dozier

Mr. Brandon Worley is the new assistant band director for our own Cherokee High School’s Band of Warriors. He was previously a successful director at Villa Rica Middle School. To say that Band of Warriors needed the added support with their growing numbers is an understatement. The sign of strong high school is a thriving band program, and Cherokee’s band program is excelling both in size and recognition thanks to the strong foundation set by Mr. Cheyne!

To work his way up to where he is now, Mr. Worley went to Kennesaw State University and specialized in percussion.  An alumni of Cherokee High, he followed his first position with Villa Rica with the  opportunity to join Cherokee’s Band of Warriors because it was closer to home. 

Mr. Worely said, 

“It was cool to be back at Cherokee!”  

Before becoming a band director, he almost went to culinary school, but he doesn’t think he would have finished. Maybe we could convince him to help teach culinary arts! He also enjoys remodeling houses.  

When asked how his first day back at Cherokee as a teacher went, he said his first day at Cherokee “was great!”  

Worely directs marching band members under the beating July sun during band camp.
Photo Credit: Facebook Page for Cherokee High School Band of Warriors

Mr. Worley, we know you are adored as a teacher, but we wanted to get the inside scoop from your students.  

Per the students we interviewed, “[Mr. Worley] really makes sure you understand how to play your part and is a good teacher!” said a sophomore percussionist.  

“He’s funny and he is good at explaining rhythms” chimed in another sophomore percussionist.  

“He’s really nice and always respectful to the students and gets work done when he is called to action!” a sophomore alto sax player commented.  

“He makes sure you play your parts right and is really funny,” said a sophomore flutist.  

We can’t wait to feature more of your awesome work here at Cherokee High School

Mr. Worely directs CHS students in DC
Photo Credit: Facebook Page for Cherokee High School Band of Warriors

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