2018-19 Staff

Hali Ann Coombs is a junior at CHS. As well as being a part of the student newspaper, she participates in Cherokee High’s award-winning Speech and Debate team where she’s an Informative Speaker and a Humorous Interpreter. She has a love of performing, writing and all things cute. She can always be found wearing pastel colors.  

Nyasia Butler, Staff Writer

Nyasia Butler is a sophomore at CHS who loves to perform (dancing and singing), a creative person, loves writing, and a dancer who will be entering the talent show this year. She is pursuing six future careers based on her passions:  mayor, professional singer, actress, social worker, movie producer, and photographer. 

Haley Kelley is a freshman at Cherokee High school. She has been active in the yearbook program in the past, at Teasley Middle School. As well as being a part of the newspaper club, she is also a part of Relay for Life. She enjoys spending time with her pig and spending time with her family and friends.  


Hank Wallace is a freshman in Cherokee high school. He is in drama and engineering class.