The Water Warriors are drowning their opponents🏊

The Water Warriors have been exceptional this year with many of the swimmers already getting state qualifying times. Starting their practices at 6 and ending at 7:30 a.m., they are working hard to take home the win.

Head Coach Maxine Ezell; this is her first year coaching the Water Warriors and she is already doing an amazing job.

What are your thoughts on how the Warriors are doing this year?

They are doing very well considering they have a new coach teaching them new things.

Maxine Ezell

Do you enjoy coaching this team?

I love it!

What do the Warriors need to work on to become an even better team?

They are already doing so well; we just need to continue what we are doing.

What would you say to anyone nervous about joining the team?

Anybody can learn to swim; we are competitive but there isn’t much stress involved because we are a team.

The Warriors start their morning practice at 6 a.m and on average swim around 4000 meters every morning.

Many players have already made state times and many are almost there.

The Water Warriors will continue to improve and become the best team that they can possibly become. Come out and show them some support-their speed will blow you away.

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